One of the go to lures, the Mambo Minnow has been around for years, many styles to choose from to match the hatch.
GGSMM-01c Chrome Body, Black Back, 5 inch ONLY
GGSMM-01s Solid Black
GGSMM-02 Blue Back, Silver Foil, White Belly
GGSMM-03 Fluorescent Green Back, Silver Foil, White Belly
GGSMM-03m Green Mackerel
GGSMM-04g Olive Back, Gold Foil, White Belly
GGSMM-04s Olive Back, Silver Foil, White Belly.jpg
GGSMM-07 Red Head, Silver Foil, White Belly
GGSMM-15 Holographic, 5 Inch ONLY
GGSMM-16g Gold Holographic, Purple Back, 5 inch ONLY
GGSMM-16s Silver Holographic, Purple Back, 5 inch ONLY
GGSMM-17 Natural Shiner, Black Back, Silver Foil, White Belly
GGSMM-18 Natural Bunker
GGSMM-19 School Bus Chicken Scratch
GGSMM-30 Solid Bubblegum
GGSMM-31 Chicken Scratch
GGSMM-32 Bubblegum Chicken Scratch
GGSMM-33 Solid White
GGSMM-34 Solid Pearl
GGSMM-35 Pearch
GGSMM-36 fluorescent Pink Back, Silver Foil, White Belly
GGSMM-37 fluorescent Orange Chicken Scratch
GGSMM-40 Smokey Joe, Black Back, Silver Side, White Belly
GGSMM-41 Parrot, Green Back, Chartreuse Body
GGSMM-42 Herring, Powder Blue Back, Orchid Side, White Belly
GGSMM-43 Blood Yellow Body, White Belly
GGSMM-44 Purple Body, Black Back
GGSMM-46 Blood Yellow, Purple Back
GGSMM-47 Blood Yellow, Orange Belly
GGSMM-48 Chartreuse Body, Orange Back, Black Mackerel stripes
GGSMM-49 Black Head, Clear Body, Fluorescent Pink Tail
GGSMM-50 Hot Tail, Weakfish, Chartreuse tail
GGSMM-90 Weakfish, Brown Over Blue Pearl with Scales
GGSMM-91 Pearl Body, Pink Hue, Silver Scale
GGSMM-92 Solid Bone
GGSMM-93 White Back, Silver foil, white Belly
GGSMM-94 Copper Body, Black Back, Yellow Belly
GGSMM-95 Yellow Back, Silver Foil, White Belly
GGSMM-96 Purple Back, Silver Foil, White Belly
GGSMM-98 Alwife