Up 3.5" Floating Rattling Popper with Tail

The 5" poppers little brother, a must have when you need to match the hatch and need to offer a smaller presentation.
GGFRP35-01s Solid Black
GGFRP35-02 Blue Head, White Body
GGFRP35-02m Blue Mackerel
GGFRP35-03m Green Mackerel
GGFRP35-07 Red Head, White Body
GGFRP35-09 Fire Tiger
GGFRP35-11 Fluorescent Orange
GGFRP35-13 Green Holographic
GGFRP35-15 Holographic
GGFRP35-16g Gold Holographic
GGFRP35-16s Silver Holographic
GGFRP35-18 Natural Bunker
GGFRP35-30 Bubblegum
GGFRP35-36 Fluorescent Pink
GGFRP35-42 Herring, Powder Blue Back, Orchid Sides, White Belly
GGFRP35-PC Polished Chrome